Color Showdown: Blue Vs White

When it comes time to choose a color for your living room blue and white are among the most popular colors in the world. But what should you opt for? We breakdown each of them…


Opting for a white color means choosing a room that can be adjusted by color. Indeed, if white walls and white furniture are adopted, one can play on the total look with a scandinavian/modern white floor and only white accessories, or prefer a quantity of colors to be mixed and to switch according to the seasons and tendencies. For a pop lounge, we can use white filled with deco elements in bright colors (pink, turquoise, yellow, red), for a relaxing sitting room we can use white punctuated with soft and powdered notes (pastel blue, almond green, Beige, chestnut brown, powdered pink) and for a cozy and ultra warm lounge we turn to dark shades that warm up (pine green, navy blue, taupe, burgundy). The base of white will always have an element to it that is attractive.


The blue lounge is reserved for those who love these enveloping cozy atmospheres. On the walls, the blue has this bewitching effect that invites to reverie to transport us in a refined and sober at the same time. Of course, it’s the shade of blue that does it all: the indigo blue wakes up the room with subtlety while the navy blue and the blue oil rest. If you opt for a blue living room you will also have to think about its surface: in a small living room we prefer blue on furniture and decorative objects, and why not also on a single wall but not more (the totality of the walls in blue would risk shrinking the space). In a spacious lounge, we love the blue on the walls with the idea of ​​giving character to the living room in all simplicity. In this case, the furniture will be able to play on shades of blue (if the walls are dark blue you will be able to install a Nordic blue sofa) or dress in bright colors: white, beige, light gray. The blue salons have the advantage of addressing all the styles according to the chosen tone.

Overall you just need to decide… Luckily you can’t go wrong with either of these fine choices.